Legit Contractor?

We have always wondered how real a contractor is but doesn’t have a real proof that it is not fake. If you are having trust issues in terms of having a Retaining Wall Builder to build a retaining wall for you, but then you can always do the old fashion way, making it your own. Then again you don’t want to stress over stuff like that. Then this is a perfect article for you, in this article we’ll tell how to know if the contractor would be able to give satisfactory results.

Do Research

Research is always going to help you know if a contractor is authentic. Ask your friends, family, acquaintances if ever they have experience with the contractor and see if you it is really real.

Check Reviews

Review on how good this contractor is, analyze what are the pros and cons that you will be experience after signing the contract. You can always see it online.


See how long this company have been and dig through the reputation and find out if they are worth your trust.


A legit contractor must always have an answer for every question you have that has relation to the contract that you signing or what not. These are few questions you should ask if you are doubting the contractor:

Do you have any projects that you have done in the past year that is similar to mine?

If they answer yes then ask the question below. If they did not have any similar projects to you, ask “How can I be reassured that you will provide me satisfaction?” or just directly turn them down. If you do can I have the list of the people who has sign a contract with you?

Contractors always has references in what are the customer’s name, address, and phone numbers and how they are link to your problem. And people they have work for and what kind of problem they have. You should contact the past customer and ask for feedback from this company.

Written Contract

This is a must, even though you do not necessarily have any connection through a written contract, you should still ask for one. Before signing a contract, see if it incorporates:

  • the contractor’s name, where he or she lives, his or her phone number, and lastly his or her license number
  • When it will start and when it will end
  • the contractor’s obligation to get all necessary permits
  • If a customer changes her or his mind, how are they manage
  • a well written record of the entire items including each object’s color, representation, how short or how tall, and label.
  • information about assurances of embedded data and craftsmanship, with their names and addresses of crediting them.
  • what the contractor does or not do.
  • an affirmation for you to not continue the contract with in at least 3 days of it.

Now you know the basic of knowing if your contractor is really legit. We hope that you will have a smooth road to cross.