In the middle of the luring power of the advance science and technology nowadays, a lot of people have been enticed to the magical access that high technological gadgets have released today. This has clearly made a paradigm shift of today’s difference of routines and culture from the kind of nature that we have years and decades ago.

Children nowadays are so hooked up with the new technology that their childhood has become so different from what we had once. This is the reason why we should encourage today’s generation to indulge with some activities that can create a good childhood for these children.

Here are some activities that you can do with your kids at home:

Doll house

Playing with a doll house has never been passé. A doll house is not exclusive for the use of girls, however, more girls would prefer to play with a doll house compared to boys. Maybe one of the possibilities is that boys are often teased whenever they play with feminine stuff such as a doll house, or with some Barbie dolls.


Doll House



On the other hand, letting your kids play with other kids in the neighborhood can create friendship and a great childhood. Kids can play with a doll house with different learning, creativity, and imagination. They can surely explore with the notion of designing their own home. They can place some furniture in their doll house, they can arrange the things in their doll house living room,  and they can even also do some kitchen remodels of their own version.




Indulging with physical and fitness activities can help children to have a healthy body. They can release energy through playing basketball. Basketball has always been famous everywhere you go. So it is important to give your children a time to learn how to play basketball. It would also be nice for them to have a wonderful time with their playmates. They can surely build a bond of trust, unity, and friendship together.




Soccer or also known as football is sport that can be played just in the neighborhood. It is a sport that exercises the body most especially the foot. It can surely help strengthen the muscles on the leg as well.  It is a good thing for kids to play these kinds of game as it can build a good relationship with their friends since it requires cooperation, unity, team work, strategy, and strength.


Jumping Rope or Skipping Rope

Jumping rope is a game and at the same time, serves as an exercise as well. It can be played individually or by group or pairs. It is a game that most of us would probably be well aware of since it is often used as a part of physical fitness exercise. It can be played individually by scoring the highest number of jumping in the rope successfully. The same mechanics go along with playing jumping rope by groups or pairs. However, in this kind of game, the group or the pair should jump together.

Jumping Rope

Role Playing Game

Role playing game is one of the most adventurous and imaginative kind of game for kids. It is time for them to imagine and creatively think of things as if they are grown up men and women. Kids who play this kind of game usually make a mini house where they can act as a family. There is one kid who plays as a mom, and other who act as the mom. There are also an acting for the children too. Kids would have the idea of having a business and cooking sessions during the game. They can also have their own version of money as well by using some green leaves that would serve as the money or maybe they can use real play money. There are plenty of learning that these children can have during such kinds of games. This games would enhance their way of thinking and imagining things as if they are adults too.

Role Playing

These are just some of the things that you can usually let your kids play with. These are a good kind of habit for them aside from being hooked up with playing on virtual games. Through these games, children can have a real life interaction with other people and other children as well. It would be a good time for them to make friends and get to know other children. It is a good practice for them to socialize and create friendship too. This can surely help your children have fun, learn, and develop psychologically.

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Games may seem to become quite a distraction for kids nowadays. These games have a tendency to to consume all the time of your children instead of being focused on their academic studies. However, we cannot stop the trend of their hobby on playing especially with the kind of advanced technology that we have nowadays.

If you are kind of getting worried and concerned for this problem, then you might want to think of some alternatives in order to get rid of this problem. We cannot stop the children to play these games. But we can do something in order to still guide them.

Giving your kids a hard time by trying to pressure them to avoid playing games might actually just exacerbate the situation. However, by just letting them enjoy and have fun, they would not feel the strict guidance of parents. But still, it is good to guide them carefully on the games that they are playing with most especially with the fact that games can be quite addicting somehow. So it is still of great importance and value to have some restrictions.

Here are some fun games that can give knowledge to kids even if they are just playing all day long:


Mine Craft is a game that usually involves in building or constructing a home for the player. The house that is going to be built is made out of 3D blocks. This way, the player can easily customize the house and everything else in the game such as the swimming pool, the backyard, and the living room as well. This game includes exploration, combat, resource gathering, and even crafting too. Furthermore, the game is about gathering some resources that would serve as a stability purpose for the player’s health. The player can even have the ability to fly in the game. Min Craft can be played in a desktop, Xbox, or even in mobile phones and tablets.

Mine Craft


Build a house is a game that is simply about building a house. The player can have the ability to choose what kind of house the player would prefer. They can choose their preferred walls or sidings, roof, window, door, chimney, tree, fence, and other accessories for the house as well. The player can apply their creativity and imagination by choosing the right color and the right kind of roof, or walls. They can even have the chance to build a house with a roof like just those from roofing contractor anchorage. They have their choice in the game. This is a simple game that is recommendable for young ages. It is really easy so it would be fun plus it can help children have a creative imagination in building a house.



Kangaroo is a kind of word game in the computer. It is one of the oldest games that have been made in PC. This kind of game is a guessing game. It is about picking a category such as countries, authors, songs, singers, books, phrases, and everything out of the blue. These are the categories that a player can choose from. It gives more vocabulary and knowledge about some random facts about the given categories. There are four chances to commit mistakes in picking the wrong letter. However, if the player has already committed 4 mistakes, then the kangaroo will be hung as a punishment.


These are just some of the games that you can use as an alternative for your kids. You can have a lot of options out there in choosing the right games. You might as well help them pick a game that would be suitable for their ages. Because there can be some games that are quite hard to play with especially for young ages. However, there are also games that can be easily played with. You can surely let them have fun as they play but at the same time, they would also learn in a creative and entertaining way which can help them retain some stock knowledge as they grow older as time passes by.

It is still best to make sure that they are on the right track as they indulge themselves with the advancement of technology. Amidst the development of highly technological gadgets such as laptops, computers, smart phones, tablets, and other high quality game equipment, it would still be nice to encourage them to play some real games where they can stretch their body and exercise. It would also be great to have them play with other kids as well as they interact with other kids on the playground.

The advancement of technology can be quite challenging most especially for moms. However, there are plenty of ways to keep up in this kind of technology’s advancement. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have a nice and wonderful guidance with the kids by understanding them and getting along with them.


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